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Modern Teak (TG71)

6'8" Fiberglass-Teak
by Richersons


Long  praised for its natural beauty and endurance to the elements, teak has  become one of the most valued wood species on the planet. This modern  fiberglass teak design is perfect for contemporary or traditional  design.

Though the teak series is beautiful with any hardware  combination, European styling is achieved when paired with an  architectural door pull and deadbolt combination.

When ordered, these slabs arrive as a light almond colour to accept paint or gel stain.

Available Sizes:
  • (42) 41-3/4" x 79"
  • (36) 35-3/4" x 79"
  • (34) 33-3/4" x 79"
  • (32) 31-3/4" x 79"
Modern Teak Textured Fiberglass brochure
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