january 2021

new online tools

Finding the look you love has never been so easy.  Sharing the look you love is even easier. Browse the catalogue for your next door in more detail.

Experience different colours, styles, and textures as you go over all the possibilities the look your home can have.  Pick one or pick a few and share them with your partner, your friend, or even your contractor or designer.  Your look is possible and easy to find here.


We only use the finest materials available today to enhance your door system. By putting our product through a highly engineered assembly process, it ensures you with many years of effortless operation along with a superior appearance.

Mario gabiga - president

WHAT sets us apart from the rest?


To ensure superior finishes we only utilize top quality paint.  All parts receive their own specific treatment based on substrate during the preparation process.  Painting in house allows us to control the process and achieve lasting finishes that can withstand the elements.

decorative glass

We only source out our doorlites from leading decorative glass manufacturers in the industry in order to keep up to date with the ever-changing door design trends.  We provide endless possibilities by offering numerous custom designs for any glass shape or size.

custom sizing

  We let your creativity run wild by offering custom sizing in our slabs, sidelites and transoms. We use materials that can be shaped to fit the most demanding architectural openings.    


To ensure durability and ease of operation in our structure, we only use a continuous sill system with reinforced mullions.

TRADE WORK process


submit your order or request a quote

Use our specially designed order form that outlines
every important detail and guides you to accurately
place your order with us.


order processing and confirmation

An Order Entry personnel will review and enter your
order and will provide you with an order confirmation
outlining your pricing and ETA.


order tracking

During our manufacturing process, we know exactly what stage
your order is at each and every time as all departments scan
the progress of their work to keep production within our lead times.


delivery or pick-up

A Customer Service personnel will contact you once your order is ready
for pick-up or they will arrange to schedule your delivery.


January 2021

greater capabilities

To enhance our capabilities of working with custom home builders, architects, and dealers, we have dedicated more resources to our sales and marketing team.  Additionally, our new plant is strategically laid out for manufacturing custom entry door systems, utilizing the industry’s most innovative designs of steel and fiberglass doors and offering decorative glass from many of the industry's leading manufacturers.