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Palma Doors only uses premium quality steel doors from the Industry’s leading manufacturers that meet or exceed Canada and U.S. Energy Star and NFRC energy efficiency standards. Further enhancing the beauty of your steel door entry system, Palma Door offers an almost unlimited selection of door glass from the industry’s leading glass manufacturers as well as a pallet of custom paint colors that will enable you to express your inner design talent.

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Fiberglass Door Entry Systems

Fiberglass entry door systems have become the hottest trend in adding classic or trend setting designs to your entry system. Fiberglass doors offer the beauty of natural wood doors but offer up to seven times better thermal efficiency and great durability. Just like natural wood, fiberglass doors are available in a number of woodgrain finishes, including oak, cherry, mahogany, fir and also smooth fiberglass.

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Door System Options

To enhance the impact of the design of your new entry door system, Palma offers in-house custom door glass manufacturing, decorative transoms, multipoint locking systems and a variety of door hardware options.

  • Steel & Fiberglass Entry & Garden Doors
  • Decorative Glass, Wrought Iron, & Internal Mini Blinds

Job tracking

From the time we open the docket on your project to its final completion and delivery, feel free to call us or login to your online account to check the status of your door system. Palma door systems are on time and on budget.